bluemeanies42 (bluemeanies4) wrote in goodship_debate,

The Quote Game

In the little exposure I have had to the debate since book five I've noticed that one of the typical 'grasping at straws' theories has become more prevelant. The idea that the interviews can't be trusted. Usually, Icicle and the Weasley cousin have been brought up (both of which she talked about in future interviews). Now, I was thinking, OoTP would be a good testing ground to see if there are any more erroneous quotes (as opposed to quotes to which to much was attributed) that refute it. If the quotes have a 100% batting average, wouldn't that enhance the "JKR does her best to tell the truth in interviews" position we are always taking? Contrarily, if there is something she said that turned out false I'd kind of want to know. Can anyone think of one?
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