"Q" is for "quor" (q_sama) wrote in goodship_debate,
"Q" is for "quor"

I hope this isn't too snarky!

I've been trying some shifting tactics on the DT, and I was wondering if you guys could give some input. :)

I've always been put off with the way some H/Hr post-ers will start their threads with a congratulatory message to all their shipmates for being so brilliant & resilient. It just seems like that kind of suport is best left to PM (but that's just my opinion). So I decided to try and "show" them how ridiculous it is by giving kudos to all of the posting R/Hr-shippers. It backfired. Other R/Hr supporters did it.

So I put a note on a post where I complimented everyone, noting that it's always great to have people at your back, but worhty adversaries are also a necessity in a good debate. And a H/Hr shipper posted after me, complimenting his/her shipmates and then tossing an extra kudos to her opponenents.

I know I should've gone about it another way, but I don't want to insult these people for supporting one another. It just seems like there's really no place in a debate to worship and coddle your shipmates--especially when it leads to one-line posts from an agitator that merely says for his shipmates to keep up the great work.

Any thoughts? Suggestions?
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