"Q" is for "quor" (q_sama) wrote in goodship_debate,
"Q" is for "quor"

preparation is always a good thing...

Now that the DT has moved away from the argument of bantering vs. bickering, this isn't something that needs to be posted. But I thought maybe I'd put it here, so we can use it later is we need to. :)

This is a passage taken from my permanant companion, The Synonym Finder, by J. I. Rodale. It's the list of synonyms for the word "banter."

banter, n. 1. raillery, repartee, wordplay, quiddity, badinage, persiflage; teasing, Inf. kidding, Inf. ribbing, Inf. joshing; joking, jesting, pleasantry, drollery, jocularity, waggery; ridicule, mockery, derision, Inf. ragging, Brit. quizzing.
--v. 2. tease, Inf. kid, Inf. rib, Inf. josh; badinage, chaff, rally, twit, Inf. pick or get on; make fun of, mock, ridicule, jeer at, Inf. rag; laugh at, deride, fleer, taunt.

So, this should give us a bit to work with next time 'round.
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