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My name is Amy, (crowd echoes 'Hi Amy!') and I am a Potterholic.
Wow that was dumb. But anyway.
This community is desperate need of some revitalizing, so instead of waiting around I decided to do it myself. A quick introduction: I'm 15, I've been into HP since the first book, my favorite book is PoA and my favorite character is Harry. I know Katie (ladyvorkosigan, Gilraen) by dint of relationship (she dated my brother for three years, I dated HER brother. . .yeah it's complicated).
I've been reading some H/Hr fic recently, and there's an interesting phenonmenon that I see over and over. In H/Hr fics, Harry and Hermione have this flirty kinda bickering/bantering vibe going on. Um. . .excuse me, but last time I checked RON and Hermione had that kind of relationship, not Harry and Hermione. It seems like they take the qualities of Ron they like, then transpose them onto Harry. Has anyone else noticed this?
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