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H/Hr shipping

Okay... this doesn't have *any* OotP spoilers, so I'm not going to use an lj-cut.

It's been noted by a H/Hr shipper on FAP that the Katie Couric interview does nothing to quell H/Hr because it's just like the "Do you really think they're suited?" answer.

For immediate reference, here it is:

UKMCLive: Goldhook is looking to the future...Ms. Rowling, can you discuss the possiblity of a central character dying? AND as Harry mature's does a love interest develop between he and Hermonine? Thank you.

JKR Live: Well, as I said, there will be deaths, but I am giving nothing away there, as for Harry & Hermione...d'you really think they're suited?

(taken from this site)
I beg to differ with this H/Hr shipper.

Because this was set up completely differently. This time the conversation was:

JKR: And he, yes, he does have certain adolescent, umm, rites of passage happen to him.
KC: And he's snogging with Hermione?
JKR: Hermione and Harry? *grimace* Do you think so?
KC: No, I'm kidding.
JKR: Ron and Hermione *smile*, I would say, have... there's more... tension there.

(thank you to angua9, from whose lj I snagged this transcription)

First of all, she doesn't do the rhetorical question the same way. All of her "do you really" questions have implied no--that was one of our foundations for challenge on the former quotation. This one has an entirely different format. A grimace, followed by "do you think so?" seems to imply that Katie Couric is off her rocker. However, the "do you think so" is also a much less open-ended question. She's not questioning the reader's judgement. Obviously Couric thinks so, or she wouldn't've suggested it. (or she's asking on behalf of H/Hr shippers everywhere--but essentially she implies that it is likely with the question alone. But I think she's a H/Hr shipper who tried to cover her arse...) The first "suited" question implies a need for re-assessment of Hermione & Harry's friendship and potential as a couple. This one seems to be *less* ambigious in nature.

Now the HUUUUGE difference between the two quotations is that JKR doesn't end it there. She pulls Ron into the conversation on her own (a conversation initially about Harry's adolescent rites of passage, mind you) and says that there's more tension with R/Hr. Yeah. So not only does she challenge the assumption of H/Hr, but she brings in the option of R/Hr and says that it has some kind of superior factor.

We're going to hear a lot of challenges, naturally (JKR is tricky, this doesn't sit with the "feelings between the three" comment on the CoS DVD, etc.) but I think this is very weighty. Especially at Nimbus, when Emily & Angua can challenge the "feelings" comment in a manner that can't be easily overidden or ignored (since it'll be proper debate), and it won't "contradict" anything.

Just my thoughts... now, to formulate some concrete OotP shipping thoughts...
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