bluemeanies42 (bluemeanies4) wrote in goodship_debate,

Debate Challenge

This community has been rather sleepy lately. However, after revisiting the DT, I really think this is in order.

Challenge: Come up with the most creative way in which the answer "No. They're very platonic friends. But I won't speak for anyone else...Nudge Nudge Wink Wink" to the question "Do Harry and Hermione have a date?" means anything but, "No, they don't date and why? Because they don't have any romantic feelings for eachother, it isn't that type of relationship. But some other people are more than platonic. Think real hard and you'll get the answer."

Bonus points if it has never been used in debate before (though this might be VERY VERY hard (although considering some definitions of 'very' I've seen, it may not bethat hard)).
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